Under 18 Staff Training

The following assignment provides a way for under 18 staff who were not able to attend the retreat to meet the training requirement.  Under 18 staff must have completed all sessions.  If you attended only part of the retreat, you need to submit the sections that you missed.  Please send completed sessions to Richard Rexrode, 5366 Main Road, Sweet Valley, PA.  If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to call or email Richard (570-240-5065 or richard@svccconnect.org).  You may also attach the completed assignment to an email.  The assignment and other documents needed to complete the assignment are found below.

Include your name, phone number, email address and address with your assignment.  Please remember to also complete a staff application available on the website: www.campepachiseca.org.  

Start Here

Documents needed to complete the assignment

Session 2: Purpose & Philosophy of Camp

Session 3: Leadership 101 - Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders

session 5: Tell Stories - God's Story and Your Story

session 6: Making the Most of Every Opportunity - CAse studies

Session 7: Media for the Would-be camper